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The idea behind Pas Normal Studio’s ‘Destination Everywhere’ is self-evident; to travel to new places in the hopes of unlocking some hidden experience the area has to offer. You can achieve some memorable experiences in these places by travelling to its major cities, exploring the major attractions, imbibing in the local cuisine, and immersing yourself in the culture.

But we have always found that the best places to uncover the most personal experiences is on a bike with friends along the roads that permeate from these populated, built-up cities and cross the frontiers into the isolated, outlying expanses where you often end up learning more about yourself than the place you are visiting.

The major attractions become a strip of tarmac, which warps and wefts with the terrain. The local cuisine becomes whatever gels and bars you remembered to stuff into your pockets before your predawn departure. And the culture becomes an experience more influenced by the local weather and topography than the commodities and ideas of society.

After all the places we have travelled as a part of Destination Everywhere, the riders we have shared these journeys with have experienced the extent of how different these cultures can be and how demanding the conditions are on one’s mind, body, and bike. When the only road to your overnight accommodation’s transitions from tarmac, to gravel, and eventually to no more than a muddy lane with puddles which promise to swallow up any unsuspecting wheel.

When the mountain passes you have been planning to climb after days of riding appear merely as a silhouette behind the sheets of rain that fall in between. When the early onset of winter arrives, and gravel and salt are sprinkled generously across the roads for the cars but are surely the kiss of death for your drivetrain over the upcoming days. Before you can even stop to think about the suffering which lies ahead, one of the riders hits the front of the group and drives full gas into that day’s hell, taking sadistic pleasure in the torment that lies ahead.

pasnormalstudios, smurt, danmark, journey, destination, everywhere, biodegradable

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At the end of the day, the mind and body are easily healed through a meal, a few drinks, and a well-deserved night’s rest. But riding again in these conditions would be impossible without preparing the bikes to face another day of the local culture, and more often than not, these journeys bring us to places where these preparations can seem impossible. This is why Pas Normal Studios has teamed up with Smurt Denmark.

pasnormalstudios, smurt, danmark, journey, destination, everywhere, biodegradable

Shop the products here

Their products have become an invaluable member of the Destination Everywhere team and have kept our bikes running like new even after some of the harshest conditions we have faced thus far. As an added benefit, the degreasing solution is biodegradable, making cleaning possible, yet safe in even the most remote locations along our journeys. The simplicity, effectiveness, and ease of use of these products has meant less time worrying about our post-ride cleaning needs, and more time enjoying the journey to our Destination Everywhere.

Sune Nicolajsen
Activation Manager – Pas Normal Studios

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